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This tiny device will change your life. the USB Voice Recorder is high quality digital voice recorder, can be used in Recording An Event For Long Hours With Ease can also be used in Meetings, Lectures, Sermon, interviews, Investigations etc.

Voice Recorder USB is an ultra-portable storage device Easy to use and carry USB flash drive with recording function It has a very portable size, simple operation and super long battery time Super crisp audio capture and ultra-easy retrieval of recordings Great for recording lectures, meetings and interviews, Sermon, Investigations etc...

This Unique product Can Be Used

1. In School To Receive Lectures

2. It Can Be Use In Church And Mosques To Record Sermon

3. It Is Good For Board Room Meetings And Meetings Generally

4. Can Also Be Used To Monitor Activities In Your Home Or Your Office Without Any Of Your Staff Suspecting Anything

5. Are You Into Investigative Journalism? This Product Is Simply The Best For You

6. It Can Also Be Used By Police Officer To Gather Information From Suspect Without He/She Suspecting Anything


  • It can also use it to record yourself while having conversation with people. It is going to be a good reference point when the person wanted to deny all that he has said, as you can easily play it back to the person to listen to all what he has said. With this usb voice recorder, no room for denial.
  • Good For Students: Are you a students, get this usb voice recorder and take it to lecture room to record all the lectures. You can now listen to the recorded version at your on convenient. Very good for revision.
  • Can Be Used For Board Room Meetings: if you are a secretary, Just get this usb voice recorder and always take it to the meeting. It will help you in writing your minutes in a way that even your boss will continue to credit you for having a computer brain, without them knowing your secret.
  • Can Be Used During Investigation or interrogation: An officer of the law can use this device to obtain credible evidence from  suspects.

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